In which countries earn more and live better?

Germany, United Kingdom or Singapore. Your future well could pass by some of these countries in which those wages and the opportunities Professional are very attractive. Although you should take into account the high cost of living there.

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Good living these Swiss! Or not… Receive a generous salary not always translates into a better standard of living. There are countries and cities in which find a job well paid not is science fiction and, however, can that with that payroll not arrive to end of month. Before make them suitcases and put heading to a paradise retributive analyzes their loads fiscal and them prices of the basket of the purchase.

According to data of the Bank world, five of the ten countries with the salaries more high is found in Europe. It first in this classification is Luxembourg, where can get to charge, of media, some 78,000 euros annual. By back is placed Norway, Switzerland, the city china’s Macao, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Singapore and United States. It salary Spanish is located, according to the report Monitor Adecco of opportunities and satisfaction in the employment, a 16.6% below the salary average European. Thus, according to this study, the salary average ordinary gross in them 27 of the Union European is located in them 1,936 euros to the month, by what the remuneration half Spanish is 321 euros monthly more low.

But as not all are reduces to the payroll, if are deciding you by a destination must have in has the cost of the life and the opportunities labour. According to the Worldwide Cost of Living report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the ten most expensive cities are Singapore, Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney, Caracas, Geneva, Melbourne, Tokyo and Copenhagen. The high inflation of Singapore and its strong currency cause that live there is a 30% more expensive that in New York (city that take this study as reference). In this Asian region bread and tobacco are cheaper than in Madrid, but has very high enrolment rates imposed restrictive prices for vehicles: A Toyota Corolla, for example, there is 110,000 dollars (79,000 euros) while in neighboring Malaysia sells for 35,000 dollars (25,000 euros). The prices of the clothes and of them estate also beat records. And, although in Singapore wages for senior managers (see graph) already exceed those of Hong Kong, the cost of living is very high.

Singapore, despite being one of the destinations with better wages is also one of the most expensive countries

The last study on the cost of the life of Mercer placed to Luanda (Angola) as the city more face to live. According to Rafael Barrilero, partner of this consultant, the case of this capital is not as surprising as it seems, because “I was not prepared in goods and services for the strong economic dynamism that has experienced. He suffers a gap between supply and demand”.

In the lower part of the table prepared by The Economist Intelligence are Bombay (India), as the cheapest to live city, Karachi (Pakistan), New Delhi (India), Damascus (Syria), Kathmandu (Nepal), Algiers (Algeria), Bucharest (Romania), city of Panama (Panama), Yeda (Saudi Arabia) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Companies worldwide are looking for qualified professionals, mostly in engineering

He price of them goods of consumption not is the only criterion to have in has when is seeks destination labour, or the factor with which the companies made their political of expatriation. It is also important to study the tax burden of each destination. All it is known that the countries of Northern Europe bear a greater tax burden “but also have more social services. In the background, in the more developed regions more taxes are paid, as a general rule, and have greater social benefits from the State,”recalls Oscar Izquierdo, director of human resources at EY lawyers.

According to the annual report Taxing Wages of the Organization for cooperation and development (OECD), countries with higher taxes on income for single workers without children are Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary, while Chile, New Zealand and Mexico are the regions where less tax burden support. At least in the 34 countries that make up the OECD.

According to the World Bank, five of the ten countries with higher wages are European

In the case of families with two children and a single source of income, with higher wage pressure zones are Greece, France, Belgium and Austria, while the lower salary load New Zealand, Ireland, Chile and Switzerland have.
Another important factor that will determine your choice will be the labor. Choosing a destination where there is greater professional opportunities is even more ideal, if your profile fits with seeking companies.

Katia Titton, responsible for Adecco International Mobility, through labour atlas and designates, in Europe, “Norway, where looking for engineers, professionals of the health sector and in skilled manual trades sector; Switzerland calling engineers, computer specialists and financial; Germany also calls for engineers and professionals in the field of information technology; Netherlands seeks expert computer, technical in trades qualified, professional of the field of the health and engineers; and France requires, above all, physiotherapists and doctors.” However, Titton also warns of the restrictions that many of these destinations are putting to the emigration.

In the Middle East, the expert of Adecco, ensures seeking engineers “in particular from the petroleum sector”; in Latin America, “especially in Chile and Peru, request of civil works, industrial engineers and mine”; and in Eastern Europe it is hiring in the sector of infrastructure “because countries are growing”.

Noelia de Lucas, commercial Director at Hays Spain, classified by countries and sectors most demanded profiles. Thus, in the pharmacist “the most sought after positions are: laboratory technician, responsible for quality and production, regulatory specialists, responsible for clinical trials, medical affairs, global clinical trial manager, product manager, key account manager, among others.” And countries claiming most of these professionals are Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia.” Lucas he also points out that “in Europe, Germany, Holland and England are recruiting professionals of the Spanish retail. In addition, there is a tendency by which Middle East countries, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are attracting interesting candidates of Spanish multinationals”.

In the area of engineering, “countries that more professionals are hiring are Australia, Canada, Singapore, Chile and Mexico.” In the cases of Australia, Canada and Chile require engineers in the sectors of mining and construction, whereas Singapore claims professionals in the areas of oil, gas and finance. For its part, Mexico hires engineers for the industry of automotive. In Europe, is Germany the country claiming more engineers, especially industrial with knowledge of English and German”.

Lucas ensure that “the concentration of centres of services shared in Ireland and Poland requires the recruitment of experts in finance. “United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, India, Philippines, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Canada also the claim”. Export and logistics, Hays directive indicates that “emerging economies of Asia and Latin America are looking for professionals with experience in the development of business, export area manager with languages, as well as directors reengineering of businesses able to redefine business and adapt it to the new scenarios”.

Titton acknowledges that it is now more difficult to gain a foothold in the foreign labor market. Many countries have become more demanding conditions imposed for hiring foreign professionals. It most seeks professional qualified with high level of English and, in some, it requires also good level of the language local. Germany and France, for example, require knowledge of their languages, primarily for the health sector. “Wanted profiles with, at least, two or three year’s experience. “Only in the field of the engineering is more simple find offers for professional junior”.

Adecco expert also warns that in some countries the titles, are now ordered “for example for electricians or welders in the case of Switzerland and Norway”. In Switzerland, in addition, is necessary to count with permission of work also for foreign community.

And now, do you know already which country you are going to try their luck work?
The cities where it is… better lives
* Vienna. The Austrian city is the European city with the best quality of life. Follow Zurich (Switzerland) and three German cities: Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

* Vancouver. This is the city of North America it is better lives. Behind other three Canadian cities: Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, and a United States: San Francisco. In general, these destinations offer a high quality of life and attractive job opportunities both for companies and for expatriates.

* Singapore. In Asia, this city is that wins the game. Following Tokyo, Kobe and Yokohama, the three Japanese.

* Dubai. This is the city of Middle East with better quality of life. By back you are Abu Dhabi and Emirates Arab joined. Even so, they remain more difficult regions for companies.